Gambling Addiction Tidbits


Gambling addiction is one of the most serious things ever to walk the planet, because it affects your mental health and your financial health as well. Gambling addiction is something that will completely drain your finances; it will not even make you think twice before doing it. A person who is addicted to gambling becomes so obsessed with it, that he doesn’t mind losing relationships and jobs over it. We cannot precisely blame these people, because the addiction takes over their lives and their mind. Their mind is completely in a state of uneasiness when they are not gambling. Addicts are not supposed to blame, and addiction happens without any kind of signs. Gambling addicts are people who require immediate attention and care. If you happen to know anyone who is infected with gambling addiction, do not neglect them, help them as much as you can. Please do not give them any money, because they might use it to gamble. You can help them in other ways.


In this particular guide, I will be talking about some gambling addiction facts and tidbits.

  1. Pathological gamblers actually have more mental health issues, and they are also substance abusers, according to a recent statistic that was taken by the American gambling Association. There are a lot of statistics that state that gambling addicts suffer from substance abuse and alcohol abuse as well. A lot of gambling addicts have been known to drown their sorrows in alcohol or other kinds of drugs. It is just a known fact. Keep in mind that if you know someone who is abusing drugs and is also a gambler, it is possible that they are a gambling addict. I suggest you approach them with the utmost care and attention. Think of them as a deer, that you are trying to approach. It would be best if you were careful so that you do not startle them and scare them away.
  2. Almost 50% of pathological gamblers have actually experienced all kinds of mood disorders, and some of them even have an anxiety disorder. A lot of them have reported having personality disorder as well. These are some of the things that would make them want to gamble. Since we know what these people are facing, we should be compassionate, and we should not be aggressive towards such individuals. We need to help them as much as possible. (It is essential that we give them all kinds of help possible, except financial help. If you start helping them financially, they will get used to the rhythm and go back to gambling.

Gambling addicts do not do it on purpose. Some people actually know that they have an addiction, and they do not have the resources to help themselves.

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